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Soaking tub construction

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys in Arab, AL offers quality soaking tub construction services. We offer several distinct construction methods due to our latest technology and pool of professionals, we can custom make bath tubs to fit our clients needs. We offer a range of materials four our tubs. These materials include acrylics, fiberglass, and wood. Bathtubs also come in a variety of shapes and colours. In our construction of soaking tubs we look at possible constraints, for example, physical constraints whereby we weigh the reliability of where the tub should fit. For example in the remodelling of a bathroom where an existing tub should be replaced. Sometimes the construction does not pose any constraints and allows you to choose virtually any kind of tub you want. For new homes where the client doesnt have to conform to any pre-existing tub.


Timely delivery

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys is known as the best pool company in the Arab, AL for the timely delivery of our products and services. Our team of professionals who through their work at our offices have developed a culture of detail keenness. Experience has enabled us to garner speed. We meet deadlines without delay or seeking extension of time without compromising on the specification of the customer and quality of our products. We are always available for hire and consultation and customers in Arab, AL can get in touch with us on 888-419-8802 for any tub works and services. With our distribution chain, we are able to interact with our clients directly without using middlemen who may sometimes cause unnecessary delays and increased costs. We have a direct chain of communication between us and our customers.



Japanese Soaking Tub Guys in Arab, AL ensures that we do our business effectively. Effectiveness to us includes, price competitiveness, material quality, design accuracy and timely delivery. Safety and health regulation compliance is top on our list of priorities. Due to our effectiveness (success in producing a desired or intended result) we have been contracted by schools, hotels and home owners.

Customers can reach us on 888-419-8802 for more information.

Japanese Soaking Tub in Arab, AL

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys looks at the purpose of tub in Arab, AL. There are general purpose tubs. These kinds of tubs are very common and are used for various purposes. They are not very fancy but they serve well for their many purposes. There are our special soaking tubs that are deeper than the standard general purpose bathtubs. They allow you to immerse your whole body into the water. The size of our tubs vary depending on the amount of water they hold. The claw foot and vintage style free-standing tubs fit this description because they have taller sides and hold a lot of water.

We have a myriad of designs and materials to choose from for or customers in Arab, AL. We have a range of materials all of which have advantages added to them. Among the advantages are the initial installation cost, subsequent maintenance and ease of damage from scratching and cracking. Acrylics are cheaper and easy to cast as it is a form of plastic. Wood is low in subsequent maintenance cost and gives your bathroom an antique finish. Fiberglass gel coat is easy to shape and has a shiny finish making your bathroom look a lot more attractive. Enamel on steel also known as porcelain-on-steel are lighter in weight thus making it so much easier for bathroom modellers to muscle them into their new modelled bathrooms. Cultured marble which is covered in clear gel coat to provide a durable, easily cleaned and stain resistant surface finish. This makes subsequent maintenance much easier. It has an ability to be cast. Composite tubs are very durable.

All these types of tubs have disadvantages associated with them. For acrylic kind of tubs, they are susceptible to damage such as scratching and cracking. This increases subsequent maintenance costs. The fiberglass tubs have very high initial maintenance costs. Cultured marble and enamel on steel are heavier and therefore not quite suited for second floor room tub replacements or bathroom remodelling.

Our different types of tub designs coupled with the knowledge of material casting ease, we are able to meet your ideal tub fantasy at very competitive prices.

You can always reach us on 888-419-8802 to get to learn more about the different type of tubs we offer at Japanese Soaking Tub Guys

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