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Japanese Soaking Tub Guys is one of the leading japanese soaking tub companies with a proven track record in japanese soaking tub manufacture and installation of top of the line soaking tubs. We deal in very quality soaking tubs and accessories and have the best quality work done by Japanese Soaking Tub Guys professionals when installation is being done. We have the best showroom for display of our soaking tubs. We use top quality materials for our Japanese soaking tubs including acrylic, cast polymer, cultured marble, enamelled cast iron, porcelain, fiberglass among others. We ensure that our material prices are competitive by having a direct chain of distribution between us and the manufacturers.


Elimination of brokers

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys gets it soaking tubs and accessories directly from the manufacturers. With this kind of distribution chain, middlemen are eliminated thus dealing with the risk of counterfeit materials and increased costs. We construct our tubs in various designs and custom make different tubs to the clients specification. Among our japanese soaking tub designs are the claw foot tub, recessed and corner tubs, freestanding and platform/Drop-In tubs among others.


Customer service

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys has top notch customer care service and will respond with effective speed to your every need and query. We work every day to provide the best service imaginable. Our dedicated customer service representatives and local distributors are available to help you with your orders and questions. You can reach us on 888-419-8802. Our people are ready to help.

Customers can reach us on 888-419-8802 for more information.

Japanese Soaking Tub

We have a pool of professionals. They include designers, plumbers/contractors, and architects/engineers. We offer our staff continued education and training to keep them up to date with the changing technologies.


Japanese Soaking Tub Guys as a bathroom remodelling company has sought the necessary licencing for the provision of tub services such as installation, repair and also maintenance of Japanese soaking tubs. We are also licenced by the environmental control bodies who seek to reduce the impact of tub cleaning products, construction materials and noise controls during installation. We comply with the necessary health and safety laws put in place. Our clients safety is paramount.


Japanese Soaking Tub Guys we poses the highest quality installation technique for our Japanese soaking tubs. We scrutinise every detail of your bathroom from the water supply to the tub drain/over flow. For every successful soaking tub installation, plumbing goes a long way as the essence of a japanese soaking tub lies in the water supply.

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys has the best and most experienced soaking tub installers and manufacturers putting us in the lead as the most preferred by people who need the services of a japanese soaking tub company. Our clientele can reach us on 888-419-8802 to inquire about our services as well as get our services.

The Japanese soaking tubs we make at Japanese Soaking Tub Guys are tailor made to the specification of our quality standards. This ensures that our tubs are durable and only require routine maintenance and repair. In tandem with the repair and maintenance requirements of our soaking tubs, we have a team of qualified experts who specialise in the repair and maintenance of the installed tubs. Seeing as our installation services range from home tubs to public tubs, for example, those that are used in hotels we have top of the line treatment procedures. We advise our tub users on the proper cleaning and maintenance procedures. This includes the non-abrasive liquid cleaners to maintain the shine on your tub finish as well as killing germs. Use of harsh abrasives, leads to the inside of your soaking tub leaving your tub dull. Use of a paste is only necessary for the removal of stubborn stains in your anti-skid floor.

Japanese Soaking Tub Guys has more plant than any other japanese soaking tub manufacturing companies therefore we are always ready and able to deliver. Contact us on 888-419-8802 for more information.

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